NATO Forces Assist in Anizay

With the recent rise of terrorism in the region of Anizay, US forces have arrived to defend the embassy in Landay.

A soldier with a sniper rifle provides overwatch on a rooftoop.

A NATO soldier provides overwatch in Landay. (AAN World News)

As the Islamic State poured into the northern regions of Anizay this past Friday, military forces and government backed militias were overwhelmed. With the capital and nearby cities under siege, civilians fled to the southern borders in an attempt to get out of the country.

A rapid response force, consisting of nearly 500 US soldiers and sailors, have arrived to defend the diplomatic embassy in Landay. ISIS forces are said to be within miles of Landay and continue to gain ground each day.

This morning, a suspected suicide bomber was killed in a drone strike just five miles from the embassy. The driver failed to stop at a military checkpoint and did not comply with further demands from military personnel to stop. Once positive control was lost, a strike was ordered.

The commanding officer for the response force, Major Don Homewood said: “We are prepared to defend Landay. The outer perimeter of Landay is heavily mined and we have aerial support constantly monitoring for inbound threats.”

Jacob Proffer is a specialist correspondent, based in Michigan. In 2010, he won the Myles Kedrowski Award for Human Interest Writing for coverage of the Altian Diaspora. Previously with the Morning Tribune, Jacob joined AAN in 2014.