Skydive Over Tanoa

Skydiving has taken over Tanoa with cost-effective lessons, tandem jumps and weekly jumps over Tanoa.

Man parachuting out of plane over Tanoa.

AAN reporter Tom O’Connell in freefall over Tanoa. (AAN World News)

Skydiving is the new trend for tourists and locals alike in Tanoa. Sky Adventures, owned by Joni Madraiwiwi, recently restored three DC-3 aircraft for the business venture. With a staff of ten pilots and ten jump masters, Joni aims to have affordable jumps over Tanoa available throughout the summer season for qualified parachutists.

Sky Adventures’s jump masters offer weekly training courses every Monday and Wednesday. Prices are based upon experience. Tandem jumps are also available for an added cost.

AAN’s Tom O’Connell, a reporter and qualified parachutist, was offered a free jump this past week. Talking about his experience with Sky Adventures, Tom said: “There’s nothing like jumping out of a perfectly good airplane.”

Adrenaline junkies will be glad to know that Sky Adventures is offering jumps and courses at a discounted rate for the next four weeks. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

Katherine Bishop is a specialist correspondent and digital photographer, based in Washington DC. In 2013, she won the Joe Harris Award for Human Interest Writing for coverage of the Altian Diaspora. Previously with the Morning Tribune, Katherine joined AAN in 2001.