SECDEF Visits Greece

Acting Secretary of Defense Mike Hammer has arrived three (3) days early for the COVID-19 summit held at Altis Air Base, Greece.

Security personnel and SECDEF Mike Hammer next to a C-17.

Security personnel surround SECDEF Mike Hammer as he arrives in Greece. (AAN World News)

Janus Security Contractors were on hand to provide escort security for the SECDEF as he makes his way across Greece. Reportedly his next stop will be in Iraq for a de-escalation briefing with the current PM of the nation. With the recent events that have taken place north east of Baghdad where a United Nations Air Outpost was destroyed by ISIS many are waiting for a favorable outcome for Iraq at the US’s expense.

Jacob Proffer is a specialist correspondent, based in Michigan. In 2010, he won the Myles Kedrowski Award for Human Interest Writing for coverage of the Altian Diaspora. Previously with the Morning Tribune, Jacob joined AAN in 2014.