Coalition Forces Respond to UN Plea

Islamic forces attacked a UN outpost near Baghdad, which ended with coalition forces responding.

A marine firing a heavy machine gun.

A U.S. Marine provides covering fire with a heavy machine gun. (AAN World News)

US and Coalition Combatant Commands have surged the current amount of troops on the ground in Iraq from 1,500 to almost 7,000 in response to the United Nations plea for help after on of its outposts responsible for aid in an area North East of Baghdad was attacked by ISIS. The question remains what the Coalition Forces will do with those numbers and where we will be a year from now.

Jacob Proffer is a specialist correspondent, based in Michigan. In 2010, he won the Myles Kedrowski Award for Human Interest Writing for coverage of the Altian Diaspora. Previously with the Morning Tribune, Jacob joined AAN in 2014.