Helicopter Crash Kills Four in Altis

An ANN News KA-60 helicopter crashed near a CSAT base, which resulted in the deaths of two reporters and two pilots.

Two men with press vests stand next to a crashed helicopter.

Reporters next to the crashed KA-60 helicopter in northern Altis. (AAN World News)

AAN News reporter Mark Cole and cameraman Arthur Stark have tragically died in a helicopter crash alongside pilot Mark Hayes and co-pilot Jim Greers.

The helicopter took off from the NATO air force base shortly after 8am on Thursday and was on its way to a CSAT base on the east coast. Just over ten minutes later, it dropped from the radar screen and went down near a small village.

It will likely be months before the cause of the crash is known. Both pilots were highly experienced with thousands of hours flying the KA-60 aircraft. Originally, the crash was suspected to be a result of anti-aircraft fire from CSAT forces but was soon ruled out by the first responders. The helicopter appeared to have no external damage.

Additional reporting to follow.

Jacob Proffer is a specialist correspondent, based in Michigan. In 2010, he won the Myles Kedrowski Award for Human Interest Writing for coverage of the Altian Diaspora. Previously with the Morning Tribune, Jacob joined AAN in 2014.