About AAN News

AAN is a privately-owned, independent news broadcaster that has provided global coverage of worldwide events and conflicts since it’s establishment in 2001.


  • Editor in Chief - Marian Quandt
  • Senior Managing Editor - Thomas Nordwick
  • Cameraman - Arthur Stark
  • Journalist - Katherine Bishop
  • Reporter - Mark Cole
  • Reporter - Joe Harris
  • Correspondent - Sean Bradwell
  • Correspondent - Jacob Proffer
  • Correspondent - Matthew Becker
  • Writer - Peter Lederman

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a real news organization

No, AAN is a fictional news organization created by Bohemia Interactive for the computer game Arma.

Are any AAN articles based on real life events

Absolutely not. All articles and names are fictional.

Can I submit an article

Yes. Please visit the Submit page.

How is this site built

The AAN website is a custom built Hugo theme built by Jacob Proffer that is running on Netlify. The AAN News Hugo site is open source.